About Us


Provide the best logistics solutions in a full package, suitable to the needs of the single customer


Building and mantaining a  long term relationship of trust with our customers


Thanks to our three offices in Italy and its qualified and skilled staff as well as thanks to our strong network of international partners, we offer assistance to the customers in carrying out all operations concerned and related to forwarding, transport and customs operations and  logistics in general

  • road and rail transport. Sea and Air freight
  • loading/unloading
  • warehousing

Our commitment

  • Provide a high quality forwarding service to all our customers
  • Invest and form continuously our staff to improve our service
  • Be always up to date on the latest standards in our business sector
  • Following qualified internal quality control procedure
  • Investing in technology to provide a fast and accurate service at special rates




Celerity and efficiency

It is essential for INTERLAND to grant always to its customers celerity and efficiency in the execution of customs operations


International experience

After so many years Interland is operating with a great experience in international transport. The customer can find in us the reference point for global shipments


Punctuality and accuracy

Our staff is taking care of each operation following protocols and IT controls in order to ensure the highest accuracy.


Customer support

A help desk is always at the customers disposal to receive support and clarification on their activities

Our History

  • 1969 the beginning...

    By opening an office in the center of Trieste in 1969, Interland Srl started its business as a forwarding company mainly focused on the maritime sector - at that time the only real gateway to the markets of the Middle and Far East.

  • 1987 the first turning point...

    1987 the first turning point.... In 1987, the next step was taken when the growth of business induced the company to transfer its headquarters to the heart of operational activities, the Punto Franco Nuovo in the Port of Trieste. At the same time, the entry of new members brought capital and further capacity for growth in business and entrepreneurship.

  • 1990 towards Eastern Europe...

    Particular attention was also dedicated to the important development of road transport with the Eastern European countries. In fact, for six decades the Italian-Slovenian border (the former Italian-Yugoslav border) had been the border between the East and the West – at first, and between the EU and the Eastern Countries – later, until 2004. Along this border, all the freight transport had to be subjected to customs controls and related procedures. At that time the territory of Trieste, with its strategic position both as a frontier and as an important node on the East-West route, experienced its most commercially active period. The gradual opening of the Eastern European countries to the western market has created an exponential increase in freight traffic. Interland immediately grabbed the opportunity to enter this prosperous market, opening an office at Autoporto di Fernetti (Road Transport Tertminal) in 1990, which would have become the administrative seat of the company shortly therafter.

  • 2002 Opening at Prosecco...

    The growing demand for groupage and freight handling brought Interland Srl to take another important step. In 2002, it expanded its business by acquiring a structure in the Customs area of Prosecco, only 7 km away from the border, which would have vanished shortly thereafter. Here, the company built new offices, adapted to the growing number of employees and expanded the existing warehouse. In addition to the traditional customs procedures, Interland Srl started offering an important additional service to its customers, i.e. Export Customs Domiciled Procedure. The management of arrival and departure of goods from and to various destinations was enhanced, specializing in the organization of transport to and from Serbia, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and Moldova, constantly expanding both destinations and customers.

  • 2004 important growth...

    Since 1 May 2004, Prosecco's head office also became the new legal and administrative headquarters of the company with a growing number of employees, it being understood that all the other activities in Trieste Punto Franco Nuovo and Autoporto di Fernetti have remained fully operative.

  • 2008 The partnership with Maa Doo...

    Thanks to the entrepreneurial initiative of one of the administrators, in 2008 the Interland Maa Doo was started up. It is a Slovenian company that was first located along the border of Obrežje (still the main border crossing on the balcanic route between the EU and extra EU countries), and has subsequently been operating at the Intermodal Terminal of Sežana (SLO). In a partnership with them we are able to also offer services in the Port of Koper / Capodistria -Luka Koper (SLO) and operate in air-freight expeditions from Ljubljana Airport.

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Headquarter and operations


Operative office in the Port of Trieste


Operative office by the Interporto